Thursday, June 25, 2015

RS-25 has longest test yet

RS-25 test June 25, 2015
NASA photo
STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss. – NASA today conducted the longest test firing yet of a Space Launch System RS-25 engine -- a 650-second test of a RS-25 developmental engine. Four RS-25 engines, modified versions of the engines used to power the nation's space shuttles, will power the core stage of the SLS. The rocket will lift the Orion crew vehicle into deep space. The main goal of the series is to test the engine under simulated temperature, pressure and other changes required by the SLS design. The series also supports the development of a new controller, or "brain," for the engine. The first test in the series was in January. This was the fourth. Three more tests are scheduled for July and August. (Source: NASA, 06/25/15) The core stage is being built in New Orleans at the Michoud Assembly Facility.