Thursday, December 12, 2013

Huntsville gets Boeing R&D center

CHICAGO -- Boeing said it will establish technology research centers in Alabama, California, Missouri, South Carolina and Washington as it continues to lay the foundation for increased competitiveness and future growth. Boeing Research and Technology organization, the company's central research and development unit, will be restructured through the establishment of research centers in Huntsville, Ala.; Southern California; St. Louis; North Charleston, S.C.; and Seattle. The new centers will operate independently but cooperatively with one another and with Boeing technology centers in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Spain and Russia. The international centers conduct research to benefit the environment, aviation safety, air traffic management and other areas. Huntsville's center will be Simulation and Decision Analytics and Metals and Chemical Technology. Boeing research and technology employee totals are expected to grow between 300-400 each in Alabama, Missouri and South Carolina, while the same type jobs in Washington are expected to decrease by 800-1,200 and drop by 200-300 in California. (Sources: Boeing,, 12/12/13) Gulf Coast note: Alabama is one of the states hoping to win a plant to assemble 777X. The state already has an Airbus final assembly line being built in Mobile, Ala. Previous