Friday, April 18, 2014

Airbus pondering 'neo Plus?'

With the more fuel efficient A320neo set to start flight tests in October, industry sources claim Airbus is considering a focus to avionics, cabin and other system improvements that could sustain the A320 well into the 2020s. Aviation Week reports that according to sources, suppliers will meet with Airbus later this month to discuss the Single Aisle Incremental Development program, also known as the A320neo Plus. The initiative could result in a series of systems and interior upgrades that would start being introduced as of early 2016 onto production aircraft. Airbus denies such a concrete project is in place. (Source: Aviation Week, 04/17/14) Gulf Coast note: Airbus is building an A320 final assembly line in Mobile, Ala., to help meet demand for the popular jetliner. The first plane will roll out in 2016.