Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SpaceX picks SSC for engine R&D

STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss. – SpaceX, the first commercial company to successfully fly a cargo mission to the International Space Station, has chosen Stennis Space Center for its rocket engine testing program. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant made the announcement today. SpaceX will use SSC to test its Raptor methane rocket engines, capable of generating nearly 300 tons of thrust. SpaceX will upgrade the E-2 test stand at SSC with methane capability. Another commercial company involved in flying cargo to the ISS, Orbital Sciences, tests AJ-26 engines that power its Antares launch vehicle at SSC. Commercial company Blue Origin also tests engine at SSC. (Source: GCAC, governor's press release, 10/23/13) Previous: Cygnus leaves ISS; Blue Origin tests thrust chamber. Background on SSC activities, see Chapter III, Gulf Coast Aerospace Corridor 2013-2014.