Thursday, October 31, 2013

777X decision a blow to Seattle

Boeing will place a significant amount of design work for the new 777X jetliner in five U.S. cities and Moscow, but no decision has been made about using its Seattle area facilities where the current 777 was designed and is being built. "It has been decided that much of the detailed design will be carried out by Boeing engineering teams in Charleston (South Carolina), Huntsville (Alabama), Long Beach (California), Philadelphia and St. Louis," Boeing told employees in an internal memo obtained by Reuters and confirmed by Boeing. The Boeing design center in Moscow will also do some of the work. However, at this time, no decisions have been made about 777X design or build in Puget Sound (Seattle area)," the memo said. Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee called Boeing's decision "disappointing" and vowed to "compete boldly and aggressively to win this work." (Source: Reuters, AFP via Yahoo, 10/30/13) Previous