Tuesday, January 14, 2020

SLS core now at SSC

STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss. - The Space Launch System (SLS) core stage built at Michoud Assembly Center in New Orleans has arrived for testing at Stennis Space Center (SSC). The core stage with four RS-25 engines is for NASA’s Artemis program, and will undergo a series of tests at SSC called a Green Run before being transported to Cape Canaveral, Fla. The rocket was brought by barge from the Michoud facility to SSC on Jan. 8. During the testing phase, the rocket’s 212-foot-tall core stage will operate for eight minutes, simulating an actual launch, according to Boeing, which built the stage. The tests will verify it is ready for missions to the Moon. It's the largest rocket stage built at Michoud since the Saturn V rocket that put Americans on the Moon during the Apollo program. (Source: City Business, WLOX, 01/13/20)