Friday, June 7, 2013

SSC building RS-25 test component

Thrust frame adapter. NASA/SSC photo
STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss. -- Fabrication recently began at Stennis Space Center on a new 7,755-pound thrust frame adapter for the A-1 Test Stand to enable testing of the RS-25 engines that will provide core-stage power for Space Launch System. NASA will begin testing the engines that were used to power the Space Shuttle in the fall of 2014. Gary Benton, RS-25 test project manager at SSC, said the initial thought was that they would have to go offsite to have the stand component equipment built. But the design team came up with a way to build it at SSC. Each rocket engine type requires a thrust frame adapter unique to

Illustration of thrust adapter location.
NASA/SSC illustration
its specifications. On the test stand, the adapter is attached to the thrust measurement system. A rocket engine then is attached to the adapter, which must hold the engine in place and absorb the thrust produced during a test, while allowing accurate measurement of the engine performance. NASA and the Lockheed Martin Test Operations Contract Group team worked together in designing the new adapter, and communicated closely with Jacobs Technology welding and machine shop teams to make sure what was being designed actually could be built. The adapter is slated to be finished and installed on the stand in November 2013.(Source: NASA, 06/06/13)