Monday, June 17, 2013

Green taxiing system debuts

PARIS -- Honeywell and Safran publicly demonstrating their electric green taxiing system (EGTS) technology for the first time on an Airbus A320 aircraft at the 50th International Paris Air Show. Developed by EGTS International, a joint venture between Honeywell and Safran, the technology enables aircraft to taxi using its own electrical power, avoiding the use of the main engines during taxiing. EGTS enables aircraft to push back autonomously and taxi between gate and runway without engaging the main engines by using the auxiliary power unit (APU) generator to power electric motors in the main landing gear. Each of an EGTS-equipped aircraft's powered wheels is fitted with a control system, giving pilots total control of the aircraft's speed and direction during taxi operations. (Source: Avionics Intelligence, 06/17/13) Gulf Coast note: Airbus will build A320s in Mobile, Ala., where Safran also has an office.