Thursday, January 5, 2012

F-35 program set to restructure

The Pentagon is set to restructure F-35 program for a third time in three years, sources told Reuters, with production of more than 120 planes delayed to save money and allow more time for development. The Pentagon had planned for 423 planes from 2013 through 2017, excluding international orders. Those foreign orders could offset the impact of the restructuring on Lockheed. Japan plans to buy 42 F-35s and Turkey said Thursday it will buy two, according to Bloomberg. Israel also said it would buy F-35s. Lockheed is building the F-35 for the United States and eight international partners: Britain, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, the Netherlands, Italy and Canada. Lockheed estimates it could sell 800 to 1,500 F-35s internationally. (Sources: Reuters, 01/04/12, Bloomberg, 01/05/12) Gulf Coast note: A spokesman for the Pentagon's F-35 program office said an F-35B, the first short-takeoff production plane, is scheduled to arrive Friday at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. It had been expected to arrive last month. Previous post