Thursday, January 26, 2012

Enders picked to head EADS

EADS has named Tom Enders to take over as chief executive officer when Louis Gallois retires in May. Enders, nominated to a five-year term, was a strong advocate for Mobile, Ala., during the competition between EADS and Boeing to build Air Force tankers. EADS planned to build a 1,500-worker assembly plant at Brookley Aeroplex to build tankers and freighters if it won the competition. Although EADS lost, it has continued to express interest in establishing an assembly facility in the United States because of a backlog of orders from airlines. Enders was expected to be named to the post. Enders, of Germany, and Gallois, of France, served as co-CEOs until opting for an American-style structure with one chief executive officer. (Sources: Mobile Press-Register, 01/26/12, Bloomberg, 01/27/12)