Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Solar powers Whiting Field

MILTON, Fla. - Naval Air Station Whiting Field in Northwest Florida marked a step on its path to energy independence Nov. 29 with a ribbon-cutting for the air station's first large-scale photovoltaic power system. At the time of the ceremony, the power system was generating sufficient energy to reduce the host structure's energy consumption to "net zero." The solar array is designed to provide primary power to building 2981, which houses Training Air Wing 5's fixed-wing Training Squadron 2 and Training Squadron 6. A duplicate of the solar array has been installed to service a similar facility containing two of the air station's three south field-based helicopter training squadrons. The solar generators are the culmination of a Navy-wide initiative to expand the energy independence of its stateside installations. (Source: Naval Air Station Whiting Field, 11/30/11)