Friday, November 4, 2011

Keesler to lose 68 civilian positions

BILOXI, Miss. - Keesler Air Force Base is slated to lose 68 civilian positions in 2012 as part of mandated cuts affecting thousands of Department of Defense workers. The cuts at Keesler are part of about 9,000 civilian jobs being eliminated throughout the Air Force. While the Air Force is cutting those jobs, which are in management, staff and support areas, there are plans to add 5,900 positions across the Air Force in acquisition, nuclear enterprise, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and other areas deemed a higher priority. About 3,600 civilians currently work at Keesler. (Source: Sun Herald, 11/03/11) Keesler is home of the Air Force's electronics training, including cyber training. It's also home to the 403rd Reserve Wing and a huge medical complex.