Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Four engines mated to core

NEW ORLEANS, La. -- All four RS-25 engines were mated to the core stage of NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) rocket for Artemis I, the first mission of SLS and NASA's Orion spacecraft. Engineers and technicians at Michoud Assembly Facility are now integrating the propulsion and electrical systems within the structure. The stage, which includes two huge propellant tanks, provides more than 2 million pounds of thrust to send Artemis I to the Moon. The fourth engine was attached Nov. 6 just one day after structurally mating the third engine. The first two RS-25 engines were structurally mated to the stage in October. After assembly is complete, crews will conduct an integrated functional test of flight computers, avionics and electrical systems that run throughout the 212-foot-tall core stage in preparation for its completion later this year.(Sources: Spaceref, 11/11/19, Scitechdaily, 11/08/19)