Monday, November 28, 2016

WTO rules against Boeing

The World Trade Organization on Monday determined a tax benefit granted for production of its long-haul 777X violates international trade rules. The tax was a central part of a case the European Union filed against the U.S. as part of a wider dispute over subsidies to aircraft makers. The WTO said the U.S. should withdraw the subsidy within 90 days, though the decision can be appealed. The wider dispute dates back more than a decade over government handouts provided to Boeing and the Airbus Group. The U.S. and EU have successfully challenged subsidies to the other’s large commercial airplane maker, and there have been repeated appeals. The tax cut in question was provided by the state of Washington in 2013 to ensure that wings for the 777X jetliner were made only there. The tax cut was prohibited under its rules, said the WTO. (Sources: multiple, including the Wall Street Journal, BBC, CBSNews, Seattle Times, Reuters, 11/28/16) Gulf Coast note: Airbus has an A320 series assembly plant in Mobile, Ala. Previous related