Saturday, May 16, 2015

CV-22s get more armor

It was 18 months ago that four Navy SEALS were wounded when their Air Force Special Operations CV-22 was hit with rounds of AK-47 and .50 caliber fire. It happened when three CV-22s tried to land in South Sudan to evacuate U.S. citizens from a civil war. That incident prompted the military to seek a solution. Now a Florida company is providing composite armor that can be installed in the back cabin to protect passengers. The Protective Group came up with a kit of 66 armor plates sized to fit along the Osprey’s interior bulkheads and deck. Developed in 179 days, the kits can be installed or taken out as needed. Sixteen of the $270,000 Advanced Ballistic Stopping System kits have been delivered to the Air Force. (Source: Breaking Defense, 05/15/15)