Monday, April 6, 2020

Airbus pauses work in Mobile

Airbus has temporarily paused production of A320 and A220 jetliners in Mobile, Ala., in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The pause begins this week and is expected to last until April 29. Certain activities will continue on site, including building and installation maintenance, aircraft maintenance, some critical product safety and customer driven operations, receipt and control of materials and components, critical administrative support and preparation of activity restart. Airbus is also making adjustments to activities in Germany at the company's facilities in Stade and Bremen. In Bremen, aircraft production and assembly activities will pause from April 6 to April 27, with key business support services continuing on the site. Airbus in Stade has already paused production and assembly and will remain on that status until April 11, with some additional pause days in the weeks that follow in selected production departments. Key business support services will also remain active on the site. During the past two weeks, Airbus paused production and assembly work in France and Spain for four days to implement the necessary health and safety measures. Production and assembly in France has resumed gradually since March 23. Commercial aircraft wing production operations in the UK and commercial aircraft production activities in Spain and Canada have been temporarily paused reflecting stock levels and latest government restrictions. Source: Airbus, 04/06/20)