Friday, March 6, 2020

AC-130U crew receive 14 medals

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. - An AC-130U Spooky crew provided more than nine hours of air support to special operations forces, enabling the rescue of 15 personnel during a mass casualty evacuation as part of an April 2019 mission in Afghanistan. The 14 crew members of "Spooky 41" operating in Afghanistan's Nangarhar Province, were honored with a medals ceremony at Hurlburt Field Monday. For nine hours on that day the gunship crew from the Hurlburt Field-based 4th Special Operations Squadron provided fire support that allowed U.S. and other ground forces to prevail, and also allowed for the evacuation of 15 injured ground personnel. The commander and navigator aboard Spooky 41 that day. Capt. Neils J. Abderhalden and Capt. John H. Crandall Jr., each were presented with a Distinguished Flying Cross. The 12 other crewmembers were awarded the Air Medal. (Sources: Pensacola News Journal, Air Force Magazine, 03/03/20)