Friday, February 28, 2020

Economic symposium kicks off

MIRAMAR, Fla. - The 23rd Annual Gulf Power Economic Symposium got underway Thursday, and included a panel discussion on the partnership that led to the expansion of the ST Engineering repair, maintenance and overhaul facility at Pensacola International Airport. Amy Holloway, founder and CEO of Avalanche Consulting and moderator of a panel on economic development in action, said successful communities have one thing in common: encouraging partnerships. She said there's power in partnership, "and that’s the next generation of economic development." Scott Luth, president and CEO of FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance, in talking about the MRO campus expansion, said there were “30 to 40 different partners participate in the project.” He pointed out that it was an eight-year journey in building the relationships. Bill Hafner, chief integration officer for ST Engineering, said the project needed partners in every sector, including education. Rick Harper, economic advisor of Triumph Gulf Coast, said backers knew it would be good for the economy. The result will be four MRO hangars, an administrative building and 1,600 jobs paying in excess of 115 percent of the county average. "It was clear the economic project was going to be transformational," he said. The symposium, which has attracted more than 500 participants, continues Friday. (Source: GCAC, 02/27/20) Previous related