Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Airbus launches training programs

The first class that will take FlightPath9.
Airbus photo
MOBILE, Ala. - Facing a need for a lot more workers in the coming years, Airbus today announced the launch of two new programs designed to employ applicants with little-to-no previous aerospace experience. The programs, FlightPath9 and Fast Track, are intended to train candidates to become workers on the company's A320 and A220 jetliner assembly lines in Mobile. FlightPath9 is a nine-month program for high school seniors. It will be run by Flight Works Alabama, which has partnered with Airbus, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Cintas, Snap-On Tools, Southwest Alabama Partnership for Training and Employment, and the National Coalition of Certification Centers. Students will attend training after school during their senior year. Upon graduation, students who complete the program can start their career with Airbus through the second program, Fast Track. Fast Track is a 12 to 15-week program for people with no aviation experience. It provides them with the skills needed for a career in aerospace maintenance. "When they come out of that training, the employee graduates to on-the-job training on A220 an A320 aircraft," said Daryl Taylor, vice president and general manager of the A320 manufacturing facility in Mobile. Fast Track, while targeting Mobile-area residents, can be attended by others from the region. The announcement was attended by Gov. Kay Ivey, who congratulated each of the first class of 25 student who signed up for FlightPath9. Airbus, which already has its A320 line up and running, is expanding that line and building a second assembly line for A220s. Airbus expects to need 600 to 700 new workers in the next few years. (Source: GCAC, 05/08/19) Previous; background story "Worker pinch about to hit home," Gulf Coast Aerospace Corridor Newsletter, December 2018, pages 1-4.