Monday, October 15, 2018

Most F-35s resume flights

More than 80 percent of the fleet of F-35 fighter jets in the United States and around the world have cleared engine inspections and are now approved for flights, the Pentagon said on Monday. Last week, all U.S. and international F-35 fighter jets made by Lockheed Martin were grounded so that fuel tubes could be examined in the wake of a September crash in South Carolina.The Pentagon said it is working closely with United Technologies Corp's Pratt & Whitney, maker of the F-35's engine, to procure more parts to minimize the time it will take for remaining repairs. Jets found without issues were cleared to return to flight. The Air Force, Navy and Marines have more than 240 of the single-seat, single-engine fifth generation flighters. (Source: Reuters, NBCNews, 10/15/18) Gulf Coast note: Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., is home of the F-35 integrated training center. Previous