Wednesday, September 19, 2018

New A321 uses renewable fuel

A321 with renewable fuel takes off Wednesday
Airbus photo
MOBILE, Ala. – Airbus’ A320 series production facility in South Alabama will deliver its first aircraft partially powered by sustainable jet fuel on Thursday. The JetBlue A321 flew today with the renewable fuel mixture and is scheduled to depart Mobile tomorrow with 15 percent sustainable jet fuel in its tanks. In total, five A321s are due to be delivered to JetBlue from Mobile using sustainable fuel by the end of 2018. All of the fuel will be supplied and certified by Air BP. It will be loaded into the aircraft by Signature Flight Support, Airbus’ fueling services provider in Mobile. Since May 2016, Airbus has offered customers the option of taking delivery of new aircraft from Toulouse, France, using a blend of sustainable jet fuel. Following the deliveries to JetBlue, Airbus will determine the next steps toward offering this option to more customers taking aircraft deliveries from Mobile. Longer term, Airbus envisions supporting industrial production of sustainable fuels for aviation in the U.S. Southeast. (Source: Airbus, 09/19/18) Renewable jet fuel is chemically equivalent to conventional jet-A fuel, with no difference in performance or safety. Thousands of commercial flights have flown on different types of renewable jet fuel.