Monday, September 18, 2017

1,500 Airbus jets serving N.A.

MOBILE, Ala. -- The number of in-service Airbus commercial aircraft in North America reached a new high of 1,500 following the delivery of an A321 to American Airlines on Friday. The company delivered its first North American-operated aircraft to U.S.-based Eastern Airlines in 1977 and has gone on to tally more than 2,000 orders with 25 airline companies and lessors in the region. A celebration was held at the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility in Mobile with delivery teams from American Airlines and Airbus marking the milestone. American Airlines operates more Airbus passenger aircraft than any other airline in the world. American Airlines, which took its first Airbus jets in 1988 and 1989, now has 416 Airbus aircraft in its fleet, with another 122 on order. Airbus has globally received 17,287 orders across its product line, with more than 10,000 delivered. Over the next 20 years, Airbus predicts that more than 5,900 new aircraft will be required in North America. (Source: Airbus, 09/18/17) Previous