Thursday, March 23, 2017

Controller tested for SLS flight

Aerojet Rocketdyne engineers check controller.
NASA photo
STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss. – The first RS-25 engine controller that will be used on the first flight of the new Space Launch System (SLS) was tested Thursday. The new controller or “brain” has the electronics that operate the engine and communicate with the SLS vehicle. Engine Controller Unit-2 (ECU-2) was installed on RS-25 development engine No. 0528 and test fired for 500 seconds on the A-1 Test Stand. Once test data is certified, the engine controller will be removed and installed on one of four flight engines that will help power the first integrated flight of SLS and the Orion spacecraft. This year, two more engine controllers for the first SLS mission will be tested on this development engine at Stennis, and then installed on flight engines. The fourth controller will be tested when NASA tests the entire core stage during a “green run” on the B-2 Test Stand at Stennis. That testing will involve installing the core stage on the stand and firing its four RS-25 flight engines simultaneously, as during a mission launch. (Source: NASA/SSC, 03/23/17)