Thursday, August 7, 2014

China now doing A320 wings

China's Xian Aircraft Industry is now sole supplier of wings to the Airbus A320 final assembly line in Tianjin. After starting with system installation on Broughton, UK-made wings in 2009, Xian Aircraft started producing wing structures that were shipped to Broughton for integration with the remaining structure and then ferried back to China for system installation and final aircraft assembly. Later, Xian Aircraft began manufacturing entire wing boxes. Since this summer, all wings for the Tianjin FAL, which began in 2008, are supplied by XAIC. (Source: Flightglobal, 08/06/14) Gulf Coast note: Airbus is building its fourth A320 final assembly line in Mobile, Ala. Major components will be shipped from Europe and assembled in Mobile beginning next year.