Wednesday, July 30, 2014

815th remains at Keesler for now

KEESLER AIR FORCE BASE, Miss. -- The 815th Tactical Airlift Squadron will remain at Keesler Air Force Base for now, and when it might be deactivated is up in the air. Community leaders are waiting to hear whether the decision to delay deactivation of the 815th could lead to C-130 aircraft remaining at Keesler Air Force Base. The Air Force has been planning to move 10 C-130s from Keesler to, most recently, Arkansas. But those plans are in limbo for now. In addition, the Air Force has rescinded restrictions on the 815th, meaning it can now replace personnel. No matter what happens with the 815th, the base will still have the 403rd Reserve Wing's Hurricane Hunters. (Sources: WLOX-TV, 07/29/14, Sun Herald, 07/28/14)