Monday, January 6, 2014

Boeing has record year

SEATTLE -- Boeing set a company record in 2013 for the most commercial airplanes delivered in a single year with 648. Boeing's unfilled commercial orders stood at 5,080 at the end of the year, also a new Boeing record. Boeing also booked 1,531 gross commercial orders in 2013, a new company record and 1,355 net commercial orders in 2013, the second-largest number in company history. In 2013, three programs set records for deliveries in a single year, including the 737 program, which delivered 440 next-generation 737s. (Source: Boeing, 01/06/14) Gulf Coast note: Boeing has operations in the Gulf Coast I-10 region; Boeing's competitor, Airbus, is building a final assembly line in Mobile, Ala., for the A320, which competes with the 737.