Monday, July 30, 2012

Saturn V engines eyed for rocket

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Could the engines that powered Saturn V be used again for new NASA heavy-lift rocket? Dynetics Inc. of Huntsville thinks modified F-1 engines may be just right. It's negotiating a contract with NASA that could lead to construction of the biggest piece of rocket hardware in Huntsville since the Apollo program. NASA will use solid rocket boosters for the first flights of the 70-metric-ton Space Launch System. But it's letting industry compete over which boosters will be used on the 130-metric-ton version. Dynetics is teaming with Rocketdyne, which has three modified F-1 turbopumps in storage. Should the project go all the way through to engine manufacturing and testing, they will be tested at the Stennis Space Center, Miss. (Source: Huntsville Times, 07/29/12) Rocketdyne has an operation at SSC. Related: Historic engines to be recovered?