Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hawk trainer to visit AF bases

Hawk is prepared for flight to the BAE Systems 
facility in Crestview, Fla.  BAE Systems photo 
Two United Kingdom Royal Air Force Hawk Advanced Jet Trainers will demonstrate their advanced capabilities at U.S. Air Force bases nationwide, according to BAE Systems Inc. BAE is offering the Hawk AJTS as the replacement for the T-38 trainer as part of the U.S. Air Force’s T-X program. BAE announced last week that it will be the prime contractor and Northrop Grumman will serve as the manufacturing partner for the new Hawk aircraft, which will be built in the United States. (Source: BAE Systems via Business Wire, 09/29/11) Gulf Coast note: BAE and Northrop are mum about where the Hawk would be built, but Aviation Week reports that Northrop has been hoping to secure work for its Lake Charles, La., plant.